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 Yafa, Palestine

The beginning of CONSTANTLY traces back to the beginning of the 19th century.

In the workshop of a watchmaker in Yafa, Palestine, a mother of three children is about to make an agreement with a relative watchmaker to teach her eldest son named Subhi Aldabbagh as an apprentice.

This day marks the beginning of a big family tradition. The agreement was about the daily exchange of a lunchbox for teaching him. Day in and day out, he continued to learn, until he had mastered all the secrets of watchmaking.


Grandfather the watchmaker 3

Subhi Al-Dabbagh I

The story was passed down by the first-generation watchmaker, Subhi Aldabbagh I, who as a young man began to learn all the mysteries of  watchmaking from his relative.

He started his own business in 1940 during the troubled times of the Second World War.

Terrible years had come suddenly but with bravery and high ambitions he went through all the challenges. It was a long and tough road which he was able to conquer.

It was difficult for him to fight against life's downturns. In 1948 during the Nakba, the military arm of the Zionist movement expelled Palestinians from their homes and lands. Suddenly he lost everything, his workshop was destroyed. He was forced to flee his native country with his family, carrying a dream of one day returning. One day the palestinian people got a promise to return to their homeland, but this promise has never been fulfilled. After an almost unbearable episode of his life, he struggled against new constant challenges. He had a big passion for watches. He fastened a board to a belt, using it as a table, to walk around and repair watches in the camp where he lived for a while after fleeing. Soon he could again stay on his own feet and make the impossible possible.

Driven by nature, with his mind engrossed in dreams of a bright future and his hands at the watchmaker's table, my grandfather continued to express his passion for watches. Despite all the challenges, he did not give up, and over the years he gained huge experience. As a result, he made his name and became a successful and renowned watchmaker.


Father the watchmaker 3

Ali Al-Dabbagh

The dream of creating exceptional timepieces will continue to be passed down to future generations, along with the accumulated knowledge and experience of those who came before. My father and his brother inherited the knowledge passed on to them by their father, and in turn, my father imparted his expertise to me.


Constantly watch

Subhi Al-Dabbagh II

As a team, we worked extensively with renowned luxury brands, including Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and more. Out of all these brands, Patek Philippe stood out as my absolute favorite. It was while admiring their exquisite timepieces that my appreciation for refined style and exceptional quality was sparked. I found myself captivated by these watches and dreamed of one day create my own. Even as a child, I spent my free time sketching watches.

It's now my turn to take the lead and be inspired by my family's unwavering spirit and passion for the profession. While the profession itself is a shared interest, we also share a drive to achieve the highest levels of quality in our work.

This shared aspiration led me to pursue a dream: to establish an own watchmaking company. Today, my focus is on designing and producing exclusive timepieces where each design carries a ful meaning. These timepieces go beyond the basics and embodying inspirational concepts in their aesthetics.


Brunnsparken,  Ronneby CONSTANTLY's workshop is located here in Ronneby Brunnspark, where our watches are designed and manufactured.

Brunnsparken,  Ronneby

CONSTANTLY's workshop is located here in Ronneby Brunnspark, where our watches are designed and manufactured.

Our workshop, nestled in the heart of Brunnsparken in Ronneby, Sweden, is situated in a location celebrated as Sweden's most beautiful park and distinguished as the fourth most beautiful park in Europe.

This enchanting environment, where natural beauty meets tranquility, fuels the creativity of our watchmakers. Surrounded by the magical atmosphere of Ronneby, they find inspiration to craft innovative and imaginative designs. Here, amidst the dynamic spirit of Brunnsparken, we create luxury watches that are not only exceptional in design but also embody the peerless beauty of this remarkable setting.


Granting of the diploma during the award ceremony "The entrepreneur of the year 2017"

Granting of the diploma during the award ceremony "The entrepreneur of the year 2017". To the right is Subhi Aldabbagh, in the center his wife Olga Savkova, and to the left, the municipality's chairperson Ronny Johannesson.

In 2017, we were invited to a company awards ceremony to honor their achievements and contributions as 'The Entrepreneur of the Year.' We will never forget the long and prestigious speech given by the chairman to introduce us. This recognition still makes us proud to this day and motivates us to further develop the CONSTANTLY.

2020 Elegance Blue

CONSTANTLY Elegance Blue

CONSTANTLY Elegance Blue

Constantly - Swedish design Award

The CONSTANTLY Elegance Blue, nominated for the best product in the Swedish Design Awards 2020, is a testament to our commitment to simplicity and elegance in design. This prestigious award, a national competition recognizing outstanding design across Sweden, acknowledged our watch among hundreds of entries, highlighting our dedication to quality and exclusive design.

The design of the CONSTANTLY Elegance Blue is characterized by its elegant appearance, balancing simplicity with sophistication. The watch features a hidden crown, which adds a layer of mystery and intrigue. Its circular shape embodies continuity and flow, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The design is clean and uncluttered, focusing on simplicity and functionality, ensuring that the watch is not only elegant but also practical for everyday wear.

2021 Gentleman Open Heart

CONSTANTLY Gentleman Open Heart

CONSTANTLY Gentleman Open Heart

Constantly - Swedish design Award

For the second consecutive year, our craftsmanship has been recognized at the Swedish Design Awards 2021, with the CONSTANTLY GENTLEMAN Open Heart receiving a nomination for the best product design among a few hundred designs. This nomination highlights not just the watch's technical features, but more importantly, its magnificent and exclusive design.

The GENTLEMAN Open Heart is a testament to our commitment to creating timepieces that are not only functional but also embody the pinnacle of aesthetic elegance, luxury, and uniqueness.

2021 The CONSTANTLY Showroom



In 2022, we opened our second store - a showroom located in a shopping mall in Karlskrona, Sweden. Our plans include expanding our presence with additional showrooms around the world. We welcome collaboration opportunities.

2022 Gentleman Sport

CONSTANTLY Gentleman Sport

CONSTANTLY Gentleman Sport

The CONSTANTLY GENTLEMAN Sport, a sportier iteration of the GENTLEMAN Open Heart watch model, is tailored for the active and style-conscious with its sporty form.

It features an automatic movement which allows the wearer to observe the passage of time and the rhythmic beating of the watch's heart through its open dial windows. This model combines the elegance of traditional watchmaking with a sporty aesthetic.

2023/2024 The CONSTANTLY Lusail


The development of new designs for wristwatches is a very specific area within the design industry. We at CONSTANTLY have a passion for design in this area and are now taking on the next challenge. This time, we had a vision to create a peerless timepiece, drawing inspiration from the architectural marvel of the Lusail stadium in Qatar. The stadium's design, celebrated for its beauty, is itself inspired by the magical, sophisticated, and impressive Islamic art.


Each year, our designer and watchmakers team at Constantly introduce a unique limited edition model, each available in a select quantity. These exclusive designs are the brainchild of our third-generation watchmaker, based in Ronneby, Sweden. For 2024, we are excited to unveil “Lusail,” a limited edition masterpiece limited to only 100 pieces.

Every watch in this series is meticulously crafted, signed, and numbered, ensuring its exclusivity and individuality. This practice not only signifies the quality and uniqueness of each piece but also connects the wearer to the rich heritage and skilled artisanship of our dedicated team.

The Designer, Watchmaker, and Founder of Constantly Subhi Al-Dabbagh

We Don't Sell Watches

At Constantly, our mission extends beyond offering mere watches; we create timepieces that are not only tools for telling time but enduring legacies. Embodying a philosophy of offering more than just functionality, our creations are valuable works of art, meticulously designed to become treasured heirlooms. With a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design, we ensure each piece is a harmonious blend of beauty and practicality, destined to be proud of and passed down through generations.


Subhi Al-dabbagh